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Hello! I Am Mildred Smith.

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Visual art, like music, is an equalizer of humanity and crosses all cultures and languages. I paint with the intention of evoking thought and emotions in my viewers, so that they may consider alternate views of life as we live it.

My photos represent the nature lover in me, especially my love of birds in motion. Playing with motion and light I create a moment in time and space. I strive to give the viewers insight into worlds outside of our own being.

I take inspiration from people and nature to express life as it is.

I began to create the visual arts later in life. Having had a full life of travels and experiences I have many images to draw from to express my sense of humanity. Influenced by Georgia O’Keefe, I sometimes paint fragments of things because fragments often make better statements than the whole. I create both abstract and figurative works of art that allow the viewers to decide the meaning for themselves. 

Customer Reviews

"I have two works of art by Mildred, and I truly enjoy looking at them and thinking about the subject matter and techniques she used. I highly recommend checking out her available work!" ~Judy Ireland

"Mildred’s art work has great power to it. Over my time from meeting Mildred I recognized that she was a natural when it came to her painting, drawing and photography. She is extremely talented in these mediums which gives her an edge over other artists. She is always looking at ways to refine her art work by taking art classes and being willing to be critiqued by the other artists so she can be the best of herself. Mildred does not want people to just love and buy her art, but to have a story in their home that shares a part of her life." ~ Brian Wood, LMHC and Artist

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